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Feed, Bedding and Supplements

We stock a full range of feed, bedding and supplements. Not only for horses but small holders and pets, from guinea pigs, rabbits to dogs, poultry, goats and pigs. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can guide you through the vast amount of supplements and feeds. We are proud to be the largest stockiest of Global Herbs products in the north as well as one of the largest NAF retailers.

We have a full range of hard feeds that covers leisure and performance horses as well as those with special nutritional requirement. With a variety of mixes, nuts, chops and balancers across a number of different popular brands. Check the computer admin.

Alongside the hard feeds we also stock small baled haylage and bagged chopped hay.


Parklands Shavings

Parklands Shavings are a small flake shaving which provides a soft and comfortable bed, suitable for small and large.  They are dust extracted and extremely absorbent.  Not only do they leave a fresh smell but they als0 are quicker to compost than larger flaked shavings.

High Park

High Park are a large flake shavings which are dust free. This bedding is designed to create maximum comfort, cushioning as it forms a deeper more aerated bed than other brands of shavings. It also drains moisture from the top layer down to the smaller, more absorbent layer beneath; therefore it lasts longer.


Ravieria  is an oil seed rape straw that has been chopped and dust extracted. It provides a soft bed but remains highly absorbent and holds its structure. Raviera will compost quicker than any other natural bedding, reducing labour and large muck heaps.

Rubber Stable mats

Stable mats are also available, they are great for reducing the amount of bedding required and makes it easier to sweep and  keep the stable clean . They also help to cushion and insulate the concrete floors or other hard surfaces; sufficient bedding should be used to ensure comfort and cleanliness, read more here.


Delivery is available on larger orders, we do regular deliveries on a daily basis and cover most of the local area.

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